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CNC Milling

CNC Milling (VMC&HMC)

VMCs use cutters to extract metal from a work piece and provide a vertical spindle. Because of this vertical orientation, the tools on a VMC normally operate in a vertical work plane. HMCs use a spindle on a horizontal work plane and cutting tools to extract metal from a work piece. Tools stick out of the side of the tool holder and cut through the side of a work piece with a horizontally focused spindle, encouraging chips to fall away from the table.
CNC Milling Course will go over the CNC programming process, setting up and running a CNC machining centre, and the fundamentals of computer numerical control for milling operations using the Fanuc and Siemens controllers. The series covers the fundamentals of CNC, construction, the machining process, programming, tooling, work keeping instruments, and operating, programming, and commissioning the Fanuc and Siemens controls.
This CNC course includes examples of all common Mill operations, such as drilling and tapping with Canned Cycles, contour milling, and other common Mill operations

About VMC and HMC Milling Operator Course in Coimbatore

The aim of this course is to teach students with technical backgrounds how to programme and operate VMC and HMC Milling and Turning machines. This course fills the difference between what students with a professional background already know and what they need to understand in order to start using HMC and VMC machine tools.
Engineers, innovators, and niche manufacturers often use the components, products, and machining operations. Work holding techniques suitable for prototype and short-run development are described in detail and illustrated.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction of CNC,G & M codes
Co-ordinate system Absolute & Incremental method
Feed, Speed, Tool changing Commands
Tool Length Compensation
Work Coordinate System
Motion Commands(G0 & G01)
Program Format
Motion Commands(G02,G03,G04)
Motion Commands(G02&G03with I&J value)
Cutter Radius Compensation(CRC)
Compensation Commands(G41,G42,G40)
Sub Program Creation
Canned Cycles
User settings & Basic configuration
Home reference
Control panel & types of keys
Operation keys & its functions
Control the bed & spindle movement
Tool management (Adding tool to magazine)
Execution of basic operating commands using MDI mode
Difference between MCS & WCS
Offset setting parameters
Take work offset
Take height offset
Check work offset & tool offset
Use of Wear offset