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CNC Turning

CNC Turning (HTL&VTL)

CNC turning is a manufacturing process in which material bars are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to extract material in order to produce the desired form. A turret (shown in the middle) with tooling attached is programmed to shift to the raw material bar and extract material to produce the desired result. Since it requires material removal, this is also known as "subtraction machining."

Key Features of CNC Training in Coimbatore

• Basics of CNC Knowledge and Programming.
• Preparation for using CNC machines to perform turning operations.
• Use CNC machines to perform turning operations (on metals).
• Observing workplace safety laws and regulations
• CNC Maintenance

About CNC Turning Operator Training in Coimbatore

This course is intended for complete beginners and covers CNC Lathe operation as well as the fundamentals of CNC Turning and tooling used on a CNC Machine. It provides a high-level overview of the turning process. It also includes information on the measuring instruments used in CNC machining.

What You’ll Learn

CNC Turning Operator training includes both machine and manual training in HTL and VTL machines

User settings & Basic configuration
Home reference
Control panel & types of keys
Operation keys & its functions
Control the bed & spindle movement
Tool management (Adding tool to magazine)
Execution of basic operating commands using MDI mode
Difference between MCS & WCS
Offset setting parameters
Take tool offset
Check tool offset
Check Wear offset
Introduction of CNC,G & M codes for Turning
Co-ordinate system Absolute & Incremental method
Feed, Speed, Tool changing Commands
Motion Commands(G0 & G01)
Program Format
Line programme Facing, Turning, Grooving & Chamfering(Rough and Finish)
Motion Commands(G02,G03,G04)
Tool Nose Radius Compensation(TNRC)
Canned Cycles Single Cut(G90,G92,G94) Facing, Turning, Chamfering&(Rough and Finish)
Canned Cycles Multi Cut(Rough and Finish)